Monday 2 May 2016

10 Facts: Jonas

And last, but not least, my sweet baby Jonas.

Full Name: Jonas Eliza [Lastname]
Age: 4-5
Birthday: November 8th
Favourite Colour: Pale Blue
Myers-Briggs Type: INFJ - Turbulent

1. She is Tobi's youngest sister and the actress of the family.
2. She is actually really shy and uses her acting as a way to connect with people.
3. She can mimic accents really well, which has a tendency to freak people out.
4. Doing mazes is one of her favourite pass-times.
5. She's very enthralled with pirates and lions, but hippos and teddy bears are her favourite animals.
6. Her favourite snacks are macadamia nut cookies and candied walnuts.
7. She has never met two of her older sisters.

8. She sneaks coffee sometimes, even though she's been told not to drink it.
9. She really likes vehicles of all kinds (trains are best though) and is amassing a small collection of model cars, trucks, trains, and boats.
10. Mali was the one who taught Jonas to read; Jonas absolutely idolizes her.


I posted this on Instagram a while ago, but here's a little extra! Dream Selfys of Jonas and Tobi's sisters:

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