Saturday 30 March 2013

Flickr and Update!

So I've finally got myself a Flickr account. There's not too much on it (and I don't think anything you haven't seen if you read my blog? Not sure ^^;) but I'm trying to be good about updating it. :)

You can find it here. Feel free to add me (I would love that!) I'm trying to get around to learning how to do that myself but it might take a while... ^^; XD


I'm almost finished one commission and working on the other, so I plan to have some photos of the finished bits up in the next couple of days. I'm sort of sad to not be taking commissions anymore, but I'm hoping that not doing so will allow me to progress with other things faster.

After that it's studying for exams and working on my Anime North entry and trying very very hard to get Subtle Memory done along with my other secret project... We'll see if that happens.

I was thinking of bringing Subtle Memory with me to the Anime North marketplace, so it would be nice to have stock all done for that. :)

Sunday 10 March 2013

Commissions Closed: Indefinitely

I've decided to stop taking commissions.

While I do (mostly) enjoy doing them, I've become increasingly dissatisfied with my ability to complete them in what I consider a timely manner at the level of quality I demand from myself.

I have two more to finish up (a wardrobe commission that is 90% finished and a MNF cosplay outfit), but after that I'm done.

The new 'free time' will be used to concentrate on collections - which are, somewhat surprisingly, going very well at the moment - and my own dolls. I'm feeling very dissatisfied with them at the moment, which is colouring my feelings about the hobby and my abilities in general.

Much as I may regret it, I think this decision will be for the best.
I have a few projects that I'd like to finish up first, but then I may open up quasi-commissions of a sort through my shop as a compromise.

My apologies to anyone who was wishing to commission me in the future, but hopefully this will help me get into a place where I am comfortable with all aspects of this hobby.