Thursday 12 January 2012

Happy Late New Years?! :D?

I'd planned on doing a nice little New Years post after I got back from my holiday... but school started the day after and thought it fit to hit me in the face with a brick made of projects and papers... so that didn't happen.


The holidays were pretty great, not as relaxing as I might have hoped, as I am a clever bug and meticulously packed everything I would need to work on skirts... and then promptly forgot to bring it to the airport.

I got a trip to the aquarium to feed the sea otters (one of my favourite animals) as a Christmas present from my ever-amazing boyfriend. No pictures, but I can assure you it was pretty awesome.

I also got a chance to go fabric shopping at some gigantic stores (seriously, you could lose an elephant in one of them) and picked up some lace and knit I was missing, but since I'd forgotten everything else, couldn't do too much with it, so Mali got a new shirt made from some random fabric instead.

Mali - Minifee Shushu

I was testing out the pattern for some sweatshirts for Subtle Memory, but I think it could be a little looser when I make the final versions to account for the bulk of the trim material and pants.

Mali generally wears shirts with shorter (3/4-ish) sleeves or with them pushed up. That's how I designed the ones for Subtle Memory, but I don't know if I should keep them 3/4 or make them long and push them up? Any recommendations?

I'm really looking forward to playing with fabric paints and such next weekend. I'm going to cut out a bunch of pattern pieces this weekend. I won't have time to sew them due to school, but they will be ready for a sewing frenzy next weekend! Woo.


I hope everyone had an excellent holiday and start to the new year!