Trade List

If you'd prefer to trade for items in my shop I'm interested in the following:


- certain high-quality, in-scale knit items (hats, cardigans, sweaters, etc.) for MNF and Bisou Ai (Blythe/Lati Yellow size)
- Hinyan White Witch bra for MNF
- SMPDoll Butterfly Tunic (pink)
- nine9 Style YoSD Cancan dress (any colour)
- HDS High Collar Jacket (espresso, sand, moss green, or army green)
- Iplehouse JID_Girl Bulky loose knit sweater (green)
- Tirin and Katten Coffee stained lacey Blythe dress (seafoam, or grey)


- Bambicrony Brava Bambi Ribbon Maryjanes (any colour)
- Leekeworld LS-038_D (pink or white preferred, but any colour)
- Blueblood Doll MSD Short Boots
- Nymphodisiac Minifee leather boots (almost any colour; try me)
- Fairyland MNF resin high heels (black or red)
- Facets by Marcia 22" American Model Curve Sandals (copper)
- MarbleMoon MNF Shoes (M-line and A-line)
- Pupashoes MNF shoes (M-line and A-line)
- other similar quality shoes


- CDW-40 from Luts (lime)
- shoulder length or shorter 6-7/Unoa sized wigs in pastel colours (fibre, alpaca, etc. - no faux fur or pelt wigs)
- Candyfloss, PurpleheartBJD and similar 6/7 pastel wigs
- custom black alpaca wigs for MNF (no dye!)
- custom pigtail alpaca wigs (pink or lavender)


- Customhouse Bisou Ai Bonbon (NS)
- Supia Rosy head (NS)
- Minifee Ria, Sircca, Celine, Risse, Mir, or Lucywen head (NS; preferably blank)
- Unoa Lusis Sleep plate (NS; preferably blank)
- Unoa Girls Sleep plate (the smiling one; NS)
- Unoa large bust piece (NS preferred)
- Minifee #2 and #9 magnet hands (tan, preferably from 2013)
- LittleFee #3 hands (NS, preferably from 2014)
- Saintbloom Charlie or Betty (NS or Brown; might consider other sculpts depending on face-up)


- MiniFee scale teacups and saucers
- in-scale knit/crocheted blankets for MNF
- 1/4 scale food props from SnowfernClover
- 1/4 scale books
- mini Sony Vaio (pink, white, or blue)
- Our Generation Puppy Love Grooming Set
- Sophia 18" doll bathtub (white)
- Miss yo Handmade Vintage Backpack for Blythe (beige, brown, or yellow)
- other props and such - feel free to ask


- Mini TsumTsum plush (Piglet, Bambi)
- small size vinyl stacking TsumTsum (Eeyore, Stitch, Dumbo, Perry, Marie, Piglet, Lady, Thumper, etc.; I'm not too picky)
- Ditto Bulbasaur keychain plush

Items from Mythologie and Element are not available for trade.

Terms of trade: I value most things at their direct from manufacturer cost and am looking for new or like-new condition.
For resin items, I require proof of authenticity.
For customized items, you will be expected to send your item to me first and I will send out your order when your half of the trade arrives to me.

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