Thursday 12 March 2015

Doll North 2015 Preparations

It's that time again! Woo Doll North prep!

This year I will be selling items in the Doll Marketplace on Saturday, May 23rd from approximately 11:00am to 4:00pm.

I am focusing exclusively on MNF this time around, so I will not have LTF or Tiny sized clothing available in person unless purchased beforehand.

A few announcements before I get on to the previews:
  1. Anything ordered from my shop before May 1st is available to be picked up in person at AN (May 23-24). Please email me around the time of your purchase so we can coordinate. I will be closing orders on May 2nd, so I can focus on Doll North stock.
  2. I will have a computer available for Paypal/credit card purchases assuming hotel Wi-fi cooperates.

Okay! And now on to the fun stuff!

I'll be bringing a variety of clothing items in different fabrics. If you'd like to see something specific, I'm open to suggestions! Trying to decide on other items and fabric choices, so let me know what you would like to see (t-shirts? leggings? more blue things?).

So far I will have a selection of:

MNF Butterfly Cardigans (both long and short)
inEssence Creations - MiniFee Butterfly Cardigans

inEssence Creations - MiniFee Spring Dress and MiniFee Halter Tank Dress

inEssence Creations - MiniFee Cotton Shorts

MNF Simple Skirts (mostly waist style, but a few hip ones)
inEssence Creations - MiniFee Simple Skirts

inEssence Creations - MiniFee Wrap Bracelets
and a few misc. items like MNF Angelina Dresses and some sweaters.

I am posting photo updates on both my Flickr and Instagram accounts, so you can check there for new items or to make suggestions. I will make one or two more updates here before the event as well.

Hope to see everyone at Doll North! It's going to be fun. ^^