Wednesday 23 September 2015

New Items: Trying Etsy - Various MNF Items In-Stock

Hello peoples! :D

After some helpful tips from other hobbyists, I've decided to give Etsy a try. Shop name is still 'inEssenceCreations' - you can find it here. :) I will only be using it for in-stock items - custom orders will still be exclusively through my personal shop.

Because of some software and tax-stuff differences between Storenvy and Etsy, I've had to switch prices to Canadian Dollar rather than US, and so they do not match up at the moment. Apologies if this confuses or annoys anyone - ideally I will be able to get both shops matched up at some point, but right now that's not a possibility.

The items in the first release are for Minifee. There are a few cardigans and dresses, and some shorts and skirts. I will also be listing some shorts for B-Line Minifee that will also fit Unoa (for sure those made after 2013, can't guarantee earlier dolls)

There are a number of items in the works for future dates if Etsy works out, so I'll update again to let everyone know where they will be available. :)

I hope there will be a few things you will like in this update. I'm crossing my fingers that this experiment will be successful and there will be many more releases of in-stock items to come.

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Little Miss

I posted this photo on my Flickr account as well, but it was just so cute I felt the need to share it here too.

inEssence Creations - Fairyland LittleFee Chloe

My LittleFee doesn't get quite a much love as she should from me (none of my tinies do), but every once in a while I'll take her out and be rewarded with a lovely photo like this one. :)

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Onwards and Upwards~

It's only been a few days since I decided to take a break from commissions, but I thought I would share some of the new developments. :) It might look crazy, but I promise I'm actually resting my wrists!

inEssence Creations - Minifee Dinosaur Cardigan WIP
Still needs a bit of tweaking.
There are about 4 new patterns in the works right now, and lots of skirts, shorts, and cardigans getting sewn up. :) Nearly 1/3 of my Doll North backlog is gone - things I cut out to make for Doll North that never got finished. This means lots of ready-made items on the way in a while. ^^

I've been trying to figure out the best method for offering ready-made items recently, since the Storenvy interface is not exceptionally well suited to constantly changing inventory, especially small quantities. It's really excellent for custom-made things (oddly enough), and the fees are unbeatable, but gets pretty crazy when you've got 150 active listings.

Etsy has been in the back of my mind for a while now as a possibility for ready-made sales, but even though the fees are only 3.5% (+20¢ and Paypal Fees), they're still quite high for me. If I were to use Etsy it would mean a price hike, but perhaps easier for people to use and find things they want. I could probably get away with Instagram for a lot of things, but I am starting to rely heavily on the analytics generated automatically by the store software.

If anyone more familiar with the selling platforms has any suggestions I would love to hear from you!! <3

In other news, Youtube has become my love recently and two songs in particular are filling my head with inspiration: Bright - Echosmith and Paper Planes - Victoria Duffield. The amazingful Wiske (go follow her!!!) is doing the same. Fanciful plans of pillows, wigs, and furniture. She's got me itching to start my roombox again, and to make a caravan for Bella. Maybe revamp the website... who knows. ;)

I hope everyone is doing well, more pictures soon!