Thursday 24 July 2014

The Little Engine that Could

I still haven't decided how I feel about these personal kinds of posts, but whatever. :P

Since I lost the entirety of my free week last week to a stomach bug, I figured a life/sewing update would be nice.

I have a big pile of things I cut out to attempt on the sewing machine as stock for Anime North Next year, but that didn't work super well... my sewing machine still likes to mess with my mind (SURPRISE!)... so I decided to just sew them by hand like normal to get them off of my desk (omg it's so messy XD Run away!). They're going quite well but there are still about 9 things in the pile. Once they're all done, I'll release this stuff and start work on some new patterns and things. :D Yay! Gogogogogo!!

In other news, I suck at photography right now, so even though I have new things sewn and ready to go up - I even wrote up the listings and everything! - I cannot ever let the photos I've taken so far see the light of day.

It's actually appalling.
Like 2009 all over again.

Anyone near Waterloo want to come take sales photos for me? I can pay you in tea and tasty lunch noms. -.- <3


Things I have learned in the past couple weeks:

1. Stomach bugs suck. Forever.
2. LittleFee have giant heads.
3. I'm actually faster at top-stitching than I thought I was.


Back to work for me! I hope everyone is feeling well and having happy productive days. :D <3 You're the best.