Friday 29 April 2016

We're Moving!

If you follow me on Instagram, this is probably old news, but my fiancé and I are doing fancy grown-up things and recently purchased our own house!

It's pretty intimidating.

We have a few renovations to (hopefully) do before we move in but we should be all settled in at the end of June! So soon. @.@

This means all kinds of packing (nooo.... :( ) and running back and forth between our old place and the new house, and lots of painting and decorating and contractor wrangling, so probably a lot less sewing.

Good news is that I will still have a studio space, and it has lots of windows and outdoor areas to work (roof deck attached to studio room? umm... yes please!) and we will have a back yard and a forest as a next door neighbour, so I hope that will push me into taking a lot more photos this summer. :D

I hope to post some photos of my new space once it's all pretty-ed up, so there should be tonnes of things coming soon.

And now... back to phoning all the people ~!

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