Saturday 6 February 2016

10 Facts: Mali

One of my New Year's resolutions this year (and last year...) is to share more information about my doll's characters.
So, without further ado, here are ten facts you probably don't know about my first doll, Mali. :)

Mali - Minifee Shushu

Full Name: AmaliaRayne Leah Jaymesen
Age: Mid 20s
Birthday: January 31st
Favourite Colours: Teal, Yellow-Orange
Myers-Briggs Type: ISFJ - Assertive

1. She is an only child.
2. She is a bibliophile through and through. If it’s got words and pages, she will read it.
3. She's not exceptionally enthralled with modern technology, she can use it fine, but would much rather write things by hand or read a physical book.
4. She really likes goldfish and sparrows.
5. She's a classically trained pianist and ballet dancer, but she doesn't do either much anymore.
6. Her favourite foods are chocolate and raspberries - and anything with chocolate and raspberries in it.
7. She collects books (surprise!) and teacups.

8. She has a very good relationships with her father. Her mother... not so much.
9. She doesn't like lizards very much, but snakes are fine.
10. She first met Tobi in an art class when she filled in for a life-drawing model who didn't show up.

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