Thursday 31 December 2015

2015 in Review and Plans for 2016

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I think the dolly highlight of the year was getting to know more people in the doll hobby through the trade I did with Rikkistar and crafting sessions with her, wiskebjd, and raouken. I can't describe how wonderful it's been getting to know such amazing people and sharing dolly ideas with them. <3 I hope it will continue into the new year. :)

As for last year's resolutions... well... there's a reason I don't normally make them. But here we go anyway:
  1. Spend more time working on my own dolls. 
    • ahaha ha.... nope. I failed on this one BIG TIME. Just straight up fail. I don't think any of my dolls got anything new this year that they got to keep, and Tobi has been faceless for over a month. DX
  2. Get back to working on my photoset. 
    • Yes and no? I didn't work at all on my indoor photoset, but did start on a brand new set, so it kind of counts? Maybe?
  3. Take more photos!
    • lol... no.
  4. Share more about my dolls' characters.
    • This one I think I actually did okay! I'm going to be reposting the 10 facts things because I never did get anyone but Mali posted properly (they're written, I just never took a photo for them -.-;). 
    • I did little character interviews with each of them on Instagram, and made a 20 questions thing on the BJD Worldbuilders page that I then filled out (Thanks to Rikkistar for the motivation!). You can see those answers here: (link), and a blank list of the questions is here: (link)
  5. More doll meets!
    • Yes? I think? In addition to Doll North this year, I got to visit starsarerobots and opalescent_raven, and they came down with bumblebeeena to visit me at my house. I've also been able to meet a bunch of new people in the area and got to play with an SD and a beautiful Withdoll Ruby (omg Withdoll hands *drool*) belonging to binrand. Still not quite sure about the SD size, but that's okay.
  6. Finish at least one big personal project.
    • Ehhhh..... no... not at all. :/ I think I've decided on the big project for 2016 so lets hope it happens. I might need to call on my fiancé and wiskebjd to keep me on task. :p
  7. Get a MNF Moe body for Tobi (with small bust)
    • DONE! Shorty Tobi is go.
3.5/7? Not as terrible as I was expecting, but still not ideal.

This year, I'm going to restrict myself to 5 concrete(-ish) goals and try to focus on continuing with the good things from this year while weeding out the things that I think need improvement.

And so, without further ado, my list for 2016:
  1. One full, complete outfit (+accessories) for each of my 4 character dolls.
    • Considering I will have had Mali for 8 years the end of next month, the fact that she doesn't even have pants right now is pretty pathetic. 
  2. Finish my two main personal projects.
    • I'm not sure if I want to reveal either of these just yet, but they are my main dolly goals outside of clothing my own dolls for 2016.
    • Both are somewhat related, so I should be able to work on them concurrently, which will be a big help.
  3. Set aside time every week and practice taking photos.
    • I feel like I've regressed with photos recently and it's hindering my ability to represent my dolls as I see them.
    • Not to mention I'm getting really bored of the same old thing, so taking photos right now feels like a chore rather than something fun.
    • I'd love to do A Doll a Day again, but it's quite a bit time commitment, so I might go with A Doll a Week and one of the monthly prompt lists if it seems like a good idea.
  4. Continue building relationships within the doll hobby
    • I feel that while I've been building strong relationships with certain people that I've let others grow weak. Growing apart is a natural process, but I may have helped it along in a few cases and I want to remedy that as best I can.
    • As I find more people to chat with, I've realized that just striking up a conversation can be the best way to start a friendship so I plan to reach out to some people in the new year. It might take a while as I'm quite an anxious person, but I'm definitely going to try!
  5. Get organized! (This is not as small and concrete as I'd like, but it's an ongoing process that needs to continue)
    • Plan out my days and figure out where I can improve my time management
    • Organize all my fabric, unfinished projects, and other supplies
    • Finding a better way to display my dolls
    • Continue upgrading my accounting and auditing methods
    • Set aside time every day for exercising and eating properly - and actually do it!
    • Revamp and streamline my web-presence
I have a lot of ideas for things in 2016 that I'd like to see come to fruition so some major changes will need to take place in order to make all that happen.

Has anyone else made any resolutions for this year?


    1. I think you have some very amazing goals for this year!! I'm curious about your personal projects, too! I hope you can achieve them all :3

      Regarding the photos, maybe you can practice with the old Resin-Aperture challenges? They were great, and gave some really interesting prompts!

      By the way, do you want to swap blog buttons with me? :D

      1. Thank you lovely <3 They're both very, VERY involved, so I hope I can get started on them soon. It's going to take a while. :)

        That's a good idea! I completely forgot about RA. Thank you!

        I'd love to, but I don't have any buttons made right now... have to get on that. :/

      2. Ok, if you do the button, please do tell me! :D