Friday 8 January 2016

The White Dress

I posted a WIP photo of a few items on Instagram just before the holidays and one of the dresses in the photo seemed to draw everyone's attention. At the time I figured this was just because it was basically the only thing you could actually tell what it was. :p But after finishing it and taking a bunch of photos, I'm not so sure anymore. It has a sort of... magnetism and presence to it that I haven't felt in quite a while.

All of the photos of it turned out perfectly, which is really, really unusual for me (it's got 8 potential sales photos and 3 cute portrait shots, where normally 4 total is a struggle!), and I don't know... it's just. Something. :)

inEssence Creations - 'The White Dress' Minifee Halter Tank DressinEssence Creations - 'The White Dress' Minifee Halter Tank Dress

I don't have much of this fabric left, maybe enough for one or two more dresses (though I'll check the store and see if they have any in stock), so it's likely that this will be a limited item. I do, however have a bunch of other white fabrics from my grandmother and great grandmother that I've squirrelled away - so there will probably be more 'the white dresses' to come. :)

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