Thursday 14 January 2016

Liebster Tag: Part 2 - Asking Questions and Recommending Things

Time for Part 2 of Musume's tag [for Part 1, click here]. :) As mentioned last time, I'm fudging the rules a bit, but here are my 11 questions (+bonus thing) for anyone who would like to answer them, as well as some awesome people you should really check out.

  1. What do you feel your biggest dolly mistake has been since you joined the hobby?
  2. What is your favourite prop, accessory, or piece of clothing you have for your dolls?
  3. Is there something in face sculpts that continually draws you in? (e.g. pouty lips or big noses)
  4. Do you generally choose your doll's styling before or after they arrive?
  5. Is there something regarding dolls you wish you knew how to do? (e.g. sewing, face-ups, etc.)
  6. What is the story behind your doll-media username?
  7. What is something you wish was a bigger part of the doll hobby [in your area, if relevant]?
  8. What is your biggest pet peeve in the doll hobby? 
  9. Who are your three biggest inspirations when it comes to dolls? (They don't have to be doll people)
  10. Have you ever bought a doll or [expensive] outfit/accessory on impulse? How did that turn out?
  11. The apocalypse has come and you can only save ONE of your dolls. Which one do you pick? (Seriously. Only one, none of this 'I can't possibly choose' nonesense).
I'd also like to re-point people to my 20-ish Questions doll character questionnaire. It's a really in-depth set of random questions to get you thinking about your characters in new ways. You can find it here: [link].

Even though there are tonnes of people I'd like to recommend you check out, I'll stick to the 11 people limit from the tag since I'm already fussing with it. Most of these people have presences on other sites, but I'm just going to link the places where I follow them most. I'm going to leave another link for Musume up here, because she was the one who tagged me, definitely check her out - she does really useful and interesting interviews and is also a fellow hand-sewer who makes some really stylish stuff!

RECOMMENDATIONS: (in no particular order)
  1. Revilis (Flickr) - Her photography has so much movement and emotion in it, something that I would love to learn how to do.
  2. Yenna (DeviantART/personal site) - Yenna is a pretty big presence in doll photography. Even if you don't recognize her name, you'll likely recognize some of her photos. She does atmosphere like nobody else (except maybe Mizya, who I'll link too, because they do a lot of things together). They are also both excellent seamstresses and have made some really beautiful and inventive outfits.
  3. Lightly Battered (Flickr) - I only recently discovered Lightly Battered's photography, but immediately went through her entire Flickr stream. She does amazing photostories filled with so much detail. I really want to be able to do this some day. Have to start practicing, she is a master!
  4. Roterwolkenvogl (Flickr) - Roterwolkenvogl has some of the most intricate outfits for her characters, and always has such life-like posing. Her stories are also really fun to read - SO MANY CHARACTERS! @.@
  5. Denaliwind (Youtube/Instagram) - Alicia is, I think, one of the gems of the doll hobby. She's incredibly sweet and does really lovely face-ups (this Shushu is a personal favourite), but she also has two storylines that have absolutely captivated me. Even though I was a bit sad to see two characters switch over from their original roles, I still wait impatiently for every little bit of news.
  6. Antique Lilac (personal site) - I really hope this is old news for everyone, but if not, get yourself over to Martha's website. She takes really wonderful photographs of both large and small dolls, and makes some really beautiful outfits. I'm generally more partial to her larger scale outfits, but her little ones have some gorgeous dresses. Also, free tutorials.
  7. Emmr (Flickr) - Emma's been doing a few of the doll-a-day challenges the last few years and her photography just keeps getting better. She's excellent with posing and character interactions. AND! she owns my most favourite MNF Rena of all time. :)
  8. Inkyghosts (Flickr/Instagram) - Chanel is no only a wonderful photographer, but she styles her dolls just flawlessly. They always look amazing, and their characters are intricate and fascinating. Her Folklore is one of my favourite MNF ever - and she's also a wonderful artist as well!
  9. Wiskebjd (Instagram/Youtube) - Wiske and I have become quite good friends over the last year and it's been wonderful to see her doll family grow and develop. She also started a Youtube channel recently where you can keep up with her massive dolly projects.
  10. underthefern (Instagram) - Carolina is one of an ever-increasing list of Spanish doll artists that I need to keep an eye on. I first found her through her art Instagram, where she posts the most beautiful drawings, but she's recently started a dolly-focused account and I simply cannot get enough of her delicate outfits.
  11. RenMaaru (Flickr) - RenMaaru is a big sewing inspiration for me, I love everything she makes. Her newest characters also have a really interesting backstory that's been unfolding - definitely check her out.
*Rikkistar was originally on my list, but because Musume linked to her too, I figured I should pick someone else. ;P **
** This is totally not a ploy to get more people on the list... what are you talking about!? >.> <.< >.>

ETA: Because I am a forgetful jerk, I need to point you to starsarerobots (Flickr/Instagram/personal site), because she is not only an awesome photographer, and person in general, but also she's amazing at noticing when my shop is doing weird things or I've messed up a link. So go look at her photos because I <3 her and she has pretty colourful lovelies. I wish I had enough money to pay her to take sales photos for me. :p


  1. Your questions are awesome, and some are very interesting! :D
    Thanks again for doing the tag!!

    1. Thank you again for tagging me! If you're not sick of questions, you could do these ones too. ;)

  2. Pfft, thank you so much ;A; /flails (and good to know I am not annoying everyone with my babbling xD)

    1. You're most welcome. :) I love seeing your photos. And babbling is never annoying. ;)