Tuesday 3 February 2015


I've noticed that I go through sort of... phases?... with my sewing where there are certain things that just come out really well all the time... and then others that just... don't. No matter how hard I try there's always something wrong with the finished product.

I went through it a while ago with my halter dresses - no matter how carefully I measured or how often I checked the fit, the bust bands kept coming out too big. Maybe the fabric was stretching or I bought magic snaps or something... but now I have a pile of non-fitting dresses sitting on my desk that need to be fixed.

I think I might be going through a phase right now with knit fabrics. It seems like I just can't get anything right the first time around with them and I have to redo the sewing over and over. I guess my pile-o-cardigans will have to wait until this is over. The one I started last week has needed to be re-sewn 4 times already. -.-;

At least all my skirts are coming out well. :) I cut out 4 more to sew up for Doll North and they're getting very close to done. ^^ Now I just have to frantically check the Doll North page every 5 seconds so I don't miss the market sign-up! XD

Hope everyone is doing well!

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