Saturday 31 December 2011

30 Days of BJDs - Day 30

Have you ever been to a doll meetup? Did you enjoy it/do you plan to go to one in the future?
I've been to a couple meet-ups before. I would say that I mostly enjoyed the ones I went to alone. The couple I brought other people to weren't as fun because I felt like I had to occupy my friend instead of enjoying myself as they didn't really seem to want to be there.

That being said of course, the local group is fairly tight knit and I find it can be difficult for new people (more so the shy I'm-afraid-to-come-near-you type of people [i.e. me]) to integrate into the group, especially if they can't go to many of the meet-ups. Some people are amazing at it and I will admit I'm always a little jealous of the people who find it very easy to make friends.

I'm going to Anime North in May and am going to attend at least some of the Doll North activities (and hopefully joining in on the cosplay contest [*fingerscrossed*] if I have enough time). I think I'll have a bit more luck with this sort of thing because if I'm having any troubles with talking to people, I can just wander away to another part of the convention, then come back and try again later.

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