Friday 16 December 2011

30 Days of BJDs - Day 15

What does your family think of your dolls?
For the most part my family is indifferent.

Like my friends, they've had a variety of reactions to me and my dolls.

My mom is glad they make me happy, but doesn't really care. She'll tolerate me talking about them, but they don't really interest her.

My brother thinks they're embarrassing.

My one Grandmother is convinced I'm regressing and won't really budge from her 'dolls are for little girls' POV.

My other Grandmother finds them interesting, but doesn't really care for them too much. She's more interested in the sewing aspect and always asks about new outfits and things.

My extended family, again, doesn't really care. It's just another one of the weird things I do, but one of my cousins adores them and keeps bothering her parents to buy her one. I guess we'll see where that goes....

And lastly, my boyfriend is incredibly supportive. He doesn't like Jonas all that much, but loves Tobi. I'm glad he puts up with my constant chatter and 'maybe this for Bella' musing. He's always willing to offer an opinion if I ask and doesn't think I'm crazy or childish for having them, it's rather fantastic.

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