Saturday 16 December 2017

Etsy Preorder: December 16th @ 5:00pm EST - Minifee and Unoa Sydney Dresses

Hello everyone!

The preorder for Minifee and Unoa Sydney Dresses has gone live. :)

inEssence Creations - Minifee Sydney Dress (Royale blue)

As mentioned in my last post, the preorder is limited to 6 dresses. However, you can choose any combination of colour (blue or cream) and bust size (large bust Unoa, or large, small, or cutie bust Minifee).

The preorder will close when all 6 spots are taken and dresses will ship in 2-3 weeks.

Please be aware that due to the print of this fabric, the internal bodice seams on the cream dress may be visible - if this is something that may bother you.

Happy shopping and thank you for all of your support! ♥

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