Sunday 6 August 2017

Etsy Update: August 12 @ 6:30pm EST - So. Many. Skirts.

Hello everyone!

Long time no sewing, but back now and excited for the future. :) I've had some personal things going on lately that have been getting in the way of... well... everything. Still a bit unsure if I'll make a post about any of it - we'll see.

inEssence Creations - Minifee Simple Skirts

Anyway! I've been working hard these last few weeks getting ready to restock my Etsy. :) I asked on Instagram if I should do a big update later or a small one soon and most people were pretty torn. So was I, so I decided to pick somewhere in the middle and do a biggish update by number of items, but less variety so I could post it soonish. *thumbs up for fence-sitting*

This one is going to be Minifee skirts! Approximately eleventy billion Minifee skirts.

Raspberry - Unoa Lusis (belongs to @starsarerobots) wearing inEssence Creations Minifee Simple Skirt in Forget-me-not
Modelled on a Unoa body

The update includes some remakes of previous skirts that sold out really quickly, plus a few new designs in some wonderful fabrics I've collected.

They will be up on Etsy at 6:30pm EST on August 12.

inEssence Creations - Minifee Simple Skirt
Minifee skirt in Artichoke fabric

Also included is a series of skirts I've been wanting to make for about 2 years. The fabric store closest to me has a series of food fabrics that have been on the shelves for ages and I've always thought it would be funny to make skirts from some of the more doll-sized prints. Well, I finally convinced myself (with a little prodding from Goodbyeyouhellome) to just go for it even though it sounds silly, and I'm really pleased with the results!

There are 4(+1) patterns in this series at the moment: asparagus, popcorn, raspberry, river stones, and artichoke. I didn't get very much of each fabric but if they end up selling well I'll look for some more foods to add. :)
inEssence Creations - food skirts fabrics

I think the artichoke is my favourite. What's yours?

The next update will be a preorder. Be sure to check out my Instagram for sneak peeks and updates. :)

Here's a hint:

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