Sunday 2 April 2017

5th Anniversary Giveaway Outfits

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've shared any sewing here (#thanksgradschool), so let's get up to date! Here are some photos of the two outfits I made for the winners of my 5th Anniversary Giveaways.


DrMeowgon won the art contest giveaway and asked for a LittleFee sized skirt in the new 'Little Foxes' fabric I had recently bought. It's so adorable that I had to go buy more after I finished the skirt.

inEssence Creations - LittleFee Simple Skirt

She also asked if she could commission a cardigan to go with it and picked out the yellow-orange colour. It's a little fussy to work with, but this fabric always looks great. I hope I can find something similar to replace it soon - it's almost gone. :(

I'm particularly fond of how this outfit came out. The fabrics go really well together and the colours play off of each other perfectly. Also, sewing for LittleFee is so much fun, I need a reason to do it more often.


inEssence Creations - Minifee Wrap Bracelet
Photojoda won the big outfit giveaway and asked for: a floppy black hat, a white bustier top, and a skirt, cardigan and bracelet in brown/gold tones.

We went through all of my white fabrics trying to choose the right one. In the end, I found the perfect lace in the fabric store near my kitties' vet.

The skirt, cardigan, and bracelet were all old designs so they came together relatively easily. I'm quite fond of this colour combination for the bracelet. (Please excuse the paint on my finger ;p)

inEssence Creations - Minifee outfit

The top and hat I had to design from scratch. Generally my pattern making takes a while, but when I'm designing something entirely new that is nothing like anything I've ever made before it feels like it takes forever.

I experimented with a few different techniques for the hat, including wet felting and glue moulding. In the end neither were quite right for this project, but at least now I have a MNF hat block and some kinda weird shaped proto-hats? I'm hoping I can make a smaller hat block for Jonas. She really needs a little 1920s cloche. :)

The hat went pretty quickly once I figured out the proper materials and technique. I've got some more cut out for Etsy, and one for Bella to keep, because... look at her.

I spent a long time fussing with the pattern for the bustier top. I think I remade it about 6 times to get it just right. A lot of my clothes fit really tightly, so I have to be exact with my patterns. I think I've finally got this one down though - at least for small bust. ;p

I'd like to thank the winners for being so understanding of both my school obligations and the long development process that goes into making my items. You are both amazing.

Lots more updates to come now that classes are winding down and I have more time for dolls, so keep an eye out here for details. Hope you all have a wonderful day. <3

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