Tuesday 1 March 2016

Bracelets for Days~

The last few days I've been (a bit obsessively) making wrap bracelets again. I had a bit of a spree making them in 2013, but haven't made any new ones for about 2 years now (whoops!). Working with beads is so enjoyable! So far I've got a big pile of designs - including a few remakes of my favourites that ended up sold or as gifts for friends. I even remade my absolute favourite design twice so I can keep one for Bella. Totally making progress on the 'clothes for my dolls' resolution! Kinda!

inEssence Creations - Minifee Wrap Bracelets

I think my current favourites are the Navy and Gold, Pink Shell and Matte Bronze, and the two jumble pattern ones. I accidentally ended up with a lot of darker colour combinations, so I might try for a few brighter ones soon. We'll see what happens. :)


A new bead store opened up in my neighbourhood recently and is conveniently down the street from my doctor's office. They don't have much selection for me in general, but they had a few little ziplocs of beads around the right size. I'm going to check back again in a few weeks to see if they order them on purpose or if they were just selling leftovers. I got the little transparent silver beads from there and am totally in love. They're such a delicate way to add metallics without overwhelming anything.

I'll be putting them all up on Etsy sometime in the next few weeks along with some spots for people to request custom designs/sizes. It might take a while to get all the photos taken - it's been pretty gloomy recently, but hopefully I can get a whole bunch done in the morning when we get a little patch of sunshine.

If you want to know whether these will fit your doll you can take a measurement of their wrist circumference.

The A-Line/M-Line size fits wrists up to 3.3cm and don't fit LittleFee or Unoa.

The Unoa size fits wrists to about 4.2cm and works for B-Line Minifee and LittleFee.

Hope you like them!

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