Friday 30 October 2015

Etsy Update: November 3rd

Good morning(-ish) everyone!

Back to work after a short little vacation - finally getting through my TODO pile that's been sitting on my desk since DN. It's nearly done, and I've got some fun ideas in the works for afterwards. ;)

Storenvy is still giving me issues, so my custom shop is still closed until they fix it. Looks like it's a bug on Paypal's end (seems Etsy is having issues as well), so hopefully they can sort it out soon.

inEssence Creations - MNF Butterfly Cardigans
Some of the cardigans for the update.

In other news, I will be updating my Etsy store on November 3rd at 10am (Toronto time).

This update is relatively small and will include MNF shorts and cardigans (both long and short), but I've got another in the works for skirts. :) There is a possibility of some other items as well, but not definite.

Hope everyone is doing well, and I'll post and update for the next re-stock soon!

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