Wednesday 23 September 2015

New Items: Trying Etsy - Various MNF Items In-Stock

Hello peoples! :D

After some helpful tips from other hobbyists, I've decided to give Etsy a try. Shop name is still 'inEssenceCreations' - you can find it here. :) I will only be using it for in-stock items - custom orders will still be exclusively through my personal shop.

Because of some software and tax-stuff differences between Storenvy and Etsy, I've had to switch prices to Canadian Dollar rather than US, and so they do not match up at the moment. Apologies if this confuses or annoys anyone - ideally I will be able to get both shops matched up at some point, but right now that's not a possibility.

The items in the first release are for Minifee. There are a few cardigans and dresses, and some shorts and skirts. I will also be listing some shorts for B-Line Minifee that will also fit Unoa (for sure those made after 2013, can't guarantee earlier dolls)

There are a number of items in the works for future dates if Etsy works out, so I'll update again to let everyone know where they will be available. :)

I hope there will be a few things you will like in this update. I'm crossing my fingers that this experiment will be successful and there will be many more releases of in-stock items to come.

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