Tuesday 26 May 2015

Doll North 2015 Wrap-Up

The last two weeks have been a complete whirlwind. Between preparing for Doll North, packing, attending, and all the clean up afterwards, I'm pretty exhausted. -.-;

Doll North 2015 - Masquerade - Minifee Chloe as Rose Tyler
Minifee Chloe as Rose Tyler

I didn't actually get to see much of Doll North this year, but I enjoyed the parts I did. There were a lot of nice entries in the Masquerade this year - I think my favourites were a tie between Rose Tyler and Snow White. I didn't end up staying long enough to know if either of them won anything, but I hope so.

Doll North 2015 - Magic Mirror Sinead
Magic Mirror Sinead
Saturday I was selling for basically the whole day, so I didn't get a real chance to browse the market, just a few glances here and there, but there was a huge selection.

My sales went well, but I do have some stuff left over, which I'll be posting on Saturday if anyone is interested. I wanted to so a special shout-out to midnightferret, who is just awesome, as well as the girl who bought on of my Bisou Ai dresses for her Obitsu 25. I didn't catch your name, you are the sweetest. <3

Soom, Loong Soul, Enchanted Doll Eyes, Batchix, and Nanyalin (Magic Mirror) were in attendance as well as a whole bunch of other awesome vendors. Off the top of my head - Milk+Honey, Eleanoranne, SteampetalHighPriestessIce, and Du-hast.

Doll North 2015 - Soom Glati Blossom of Earth Limited

Directly across from me were two girls who had some seriously high-quality stuff. I think it was seasaltt and blumen-lippe, but don't quote me on that. If I had boys I would have been all over it. Thankfully the one dress I was eyeing got snapped up pretty quick, so I bet it's gone to a really good home. :)

Soom had a bunch of Teenie Gems and a few of their big guys. They had a limited edition Glot and Glati pair that just killed me. I don't really like the YoSD size... but I was so sorely tempted. Those outfitsss. DX They also brought along a Doll North special Cutie Pie Beaver named Tinn designed specially for Canada. I didn't get any good photos of him, but it was such a sweet gesture!

Doll North 2015 - Cafe Zephyros Alphie
Cafe Zephyros Alphie

I think the highlight of the market for a lot of people was the Cafe Zephyros table. Run by the same man who came with Bluefairy in 2013, Cafe Zephyros had some ridiculously adorable little Alpaca Dolls that were a huge hit at Doll North.

For me, my favourite part of the weekend was meeting up with resinmuncher, blindflower, starsarerobots, and artemiselani for Minifee fun times. We kind of took over the Kinton Ramen set for a while and filled it with minis. XD

Doll North 2015 - Minifee Mir
opalescent_raven's Minifee Mir, Opal

Overall, I had fun, though I think I could have spent my time more wisely. I missed out on meeting a bunch of people - especially Cats10/micaeverywhere and her doll Kaine. Serious fail there on my part. DX

I don't know if I'll be back again next year, and probably not as a seller, but if I am, my top priority will be actually getting people's names. I met so many awesome people this year that I can't contact again because I never got their names. *sigh*

I hope everyone else had an awesome time at Doll North 2015 and I apologize if I seemed all over the place. ^^; <3

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