Sunday 28 September 2014


I'm mixing it up right now working on stock for Anime North 2015 (definitely getting a table!), orders and a few personal projects.

As of right now, I have a bunch of MNF tops ready to go for Anime North as well as a few cardigans and dresses, but there is still quite a bit more I'd like to have available - I just don't quite know what. It can be very hard to guess what kinds of things people will want ahead of time. :) I think I'll cut out a few more cardigans and then dig through my patterns for ideas.

Bella - tan MiniFee Rheia

I'm going on a short vacation in mid-October and have decided to take Bella with me. Unfortunately, she has no appropriate clothes (or any clothes really, poor thing). I've made her one outfit so far.. and I'm kind of in love with it, so we'll see if she actually gets anything else. I don't want to take it off! XD

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