Saturday 8 February 2014


We got back from NYC last night. It was a fun trip, but next time I think we'll try to have a weekend. It was pretty whirlwind-y. :)

Monday we got stuck in the airport for ~9 hours because NYC was having a snowstorm and our flights kept getting cancelled. We arrived in NYC around 9-9:30pm so didn't get much time that day.

Tuesday I was supposed to meet up with Goodbyeyouhellome, but messaging and timing didn't work out, so I just went shopping by myself instead. I got a bunch of stuff from B&J Fabrics. They had Liberty Tana Lawn there too, way more than Liberty has, which I thought was kind of funny.

Wednesday my boyfriend took the day off work so we could spend it together. We spent the morning at the Natural History Museum. It was pretty awesome, though it took me a while to get used to the taxidermied animals. They have the displays set up so nicely that it's hard not to take photos, no matter how squicky I find the whole thing. We were going to go to Central Park for a bit, but got caught up in wandering the museum. Maybe next time!

That night we went to see Wicked on Broadway and had a lot of fun. I'd seen it before in Toronto a few years ago, but it was very different with different people playing Glinda and Elphaba. This Glinda (I think it was Alli Mausey, but don't quote me on that) took a bit to get used to, she played a very over-the-top version of the character, but after the second scene or so, she was just HILARIOUS. XD So good.

Fairyland Minifee Shushus - Mali and Wednesday
This keeps coming out really light on the blog... :/
It looks better on Flickr

Thursday I was supposed to meet up with Layn (DoA) to go fabric shopping again. There are far too many stores to attempt them in one day! Since I didn't get to see GYHM on Tuesday, she decided to come meet up with the two of us on Thursday. :) We wandered some shops - mainly Mood Fabrics, which is ginormous - and I got a few things and then we went back to my hotel so that we could take some photos since I hadn't brought my dolls shopping with me (a lot of the stores are VERY crowded). Hopefully next time I go it will be warmer, then we can meet up in Central Park or something and take photos there. ^^

On the flight home, my doll bag got selected for extra screening.... again (really people... they're dolls, it's not THAT weird). They did a swab for explosives because apparently that's a thing?... and Bella came up positive. So... yay. Luckily I didn't and neither did Mali, so they let us leave, but they wouldn't tell me what exactly Bella came up positive for... I'm guessing either mold release or just resin oxidation? I guess she'll get a bath before I fly with her again. Hopefully that will work. It was not a super fun experience and I'd rather not repeat it.

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