Sunday 20 October 2013

Major Update - Custom Orders and Giveaway!


So, I've recovered from my sickness, and finished all the major assignments and tests from the last 2 weeks, so I finally got a chance to play!

I have a new bracelet I've had finished for a while updated in the shop, plus some new photos of the inset top in a different fabric and with different closures (I am so in love with this fabric I can't even). AND! Bonus bracelet to match (though available separately :P).

inEssenceCreations - MiniFee Inset Top and Wrap Bracelet

In addition, I have some super awesome news (well, I think it's super awesome anyway...)!

I've added (a few) custom orders for the MNF Inset Tops, MNF Butterfly Cardigans* and Wrap Bracelets! Woo~! I'm going to try this as a way of doing (limited) commissions and see how it works out. :) Hopefully, it will be awesome!

To celebrate, I've decided to do a giveaway on my Flickr for a fully custom Wrap Bracelet + free worldwide shipping (not tracked). :D Yay!

Some of the available colours. :)

So if you've been wanting to get a bracelet but haven't yet, here's your chance to win one for ~free~! If you'd like to use this chance to get an SD or other non-MNF sized version, that's also an option!

Also, if you win and would like to order other things, I will still pay shipping for one regular sized bubble mailer. More bonus! :D

Anyways, if you're interested, head on over to my Flickr Giveaway page and leave me a comment!

*More MNF Butterfly Cardigan photos are on their way, but I don't have a definite answer on when they will be ready - we are currently being plagued by rain and sadness...

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