Sunday 19 May 2013

Anime North Sneak Peek (of sorts)

Okay, here's the deal.

Lots has been going on the last few months:

- Exams
- Finishing commissions
- Doll North Masquerade Entry
- Preparing for AN market
- Vacation
- Apartment-hunting

and a whole bunch of other little things thrown in there just to make it more difficult.

I'm still terrible at keeping up with blogging.

I'm still working on it.

We'll see what happens.


I'll skip over most of that, but! you will get a sneak-update of what's in the works for Anime North 2013. I have a table during the Sunday slot (10AM-4PM). I will be there for much of it, but not the whole timeslot.

Subtle Memory will be debuting at Doll North 2013.

I will have some pieces for sale (mostly MNF) and some samples of other pieces. Possibly for pre-order. Possibly not.

After AN, anything left over will go up in the shop on June 1st (for sure this time :P). Other pieces will become available over the next 2 months.


I am also bringing a (very) small set of items from my next collection. It will go up in the shop August 15th, both anything left from AN and new pieces as well. This one will likely be done partially by pre-order since I have to order more of the fabric if I don't have enough.


Finally, I'm entering the Doll North Masquerade. I'm a bit behind on my entry, but I still think I'll get it done. My friend Rosey (Tempurashrimp) has been encouraging me non-stop and I owe her a lot for giving me confidence when I feel lost and enthusiasm when I feel defeated. <3

Make sure to check out her entry in the Masquerade too. We should be sitting together. ^^


That's all for now. I'll have all three of my dolls with me, so please come say hi! Even if you're not interested in anything I have for sale I'd love to talk to you. :) <3

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