Saturday 16 February 2013

Fingers do not make good thimbles...

So I've needed to take the last day or so (and probably tomorrow too) off of sewing because I am exceedingly clever and continued sewing ~10 layers of fabric for my current commission with a not-exactly-sharp needle until I'd managed to do some major damage to my fingers. Well done me.

So, instead of sewing I've been both working on school work and spending large amounts of money. My paypal is pretty much cleaned out now. ^^;

Why you ask?

Anime North.

I REALLY wanted to enter the cosplay competition last year, but couldn't due to time constraints. So, this year, I'm starting as early as possible. The theme was just released a few weeks ago, but we were told to wait until they release the updated rules before starting. Unfortunately, a couple of the places I need to order supplies from are notoriously slow shippers, so I ordered things anyway and am hoping I'm not breaking any of the new rules somehow.

The theme this year is:

Square Enix Logo

Definitely one that has been anticipated for a while! I really wanted to do one of the trios (e.g. Yuna/Rikku/Paine or Kairi/Namine/Xion) but I haven't been able to buy Bella yet and you can't make a trio with only two dolls, so I had to settle for just one character.

I don't want to say which character I'm doing because I will feel awful if I don't get it finished in time, but I think I picked one that is actually possible. :) If it does get finished expect photos after AN.

I'm really looking forward to seeing all the other entries! There were some really excellent ones last year.

Is anyone else planning to come to Doll North? Are you going to enter any of the contests?

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