Saturday 12 November 2011

Consistant Vision

I haven't had all the much time recently to work on the collection. Not to mention, I've been banned from sewing until Monday so I can... you know... have one of those fancy life things....


Luckily, taking photos of sewing materials isn't sewing, so I can finally make this post!

I saw a mood board on a friend's blog (zis one) and it got me thinking. I always make mood/inspiration 'boards' in my head, but I've never actually made a real life one before, so, since this is a brand new endeavour, why not start now?

I don't have all the supplies I need for this collection, but I've got it nailed down enough that I think, for me anyway, it doesn't need to have everything in it. So, I just grabbed everything I had and tossed it together to make this:

Subtle Memory - Inspiration Board

As you can probably tell... the three MUTED colour idea has sort of gone out the window and I've added navy blue and chocolate brown. I plan to keep them to a minimum, but I just couldn't get it to work in my head without a few dark colours in there.


I think having everything laid out like this is a good way to keep yourself on track. If you want to add something and it just really isn't fitting with what you already have... then it probably doesn't need to be there. Sometimes, it's good to have less things with more 'flow' than to try and cram every single thing you want to do into one project.


For most people, I think something like this would be enough to keep them on track. For me, however, I know my brain likes to fly all over the place and I get very easily distracted thinking about other ideas, so I need a bit more to keep me focussed.

That's why I have a nice little organized folder on my computer of inspiration photos. But I think I'll keep those secret for now. A more complete and useful board would include them... but Photoshop keeps crashing... and I really don't want to deal with it right now.

In addition to the fashion and colour inspirations I keep, I also have a list of some more intangible things, namely music. Now, this collection was supposed to have a more calm and pleasant atmosphere to it, but every time I hear If I Die Young by The Band Perry, I can't help but be reminded of it. Every time it comes on, I want to work on something related to this collection. The song has a more melancholy feel than I'd wanted, but it just seems to become more and more relavant with each passing day.


Do you keep an inspiration board when you're working on a project? Why/Why not? Do you think it's a good idea even if you don't make them yourself?

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