Sunday 25 December 2011

Happy Christmas! :)

Now that they've been delivered, I can share photos of all the Christmas presents I made this year. I only did some for my younger cousins and co-workers, but it was still a decent amount of work and took much longer than I expected.
I probably should have planned it more since when I knew what I wanted to do, they went very fast. Oh well.

Felt Barrette Covers

This isn't nearly all of them, since I'm really terrible with remembering to take photos, but I think it gives you an idea. There was also a space themed headband, a polar bear barrette, a rainbow barrette and a bright green leaf headband to go with the leaf barrette.

The work people got ornaments because that seemed logical somehow, but the dog and the purple bear were originally just stuffed figures.

Felt Christmas Ornaments

I'm not back at home until the new year, but I've brought along enough fabric (and am going shopping for more :P) to do some solid work on my collection, so look for some updates around the 5th.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day!

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