Monday 6 April 2015

Finally DONE! :D (Vacation and Temporary Shop Closure)

Today, I handed in the last assignment of my undergrad career. It feels both freeing, and super scary. XD

I have to start looking for jobs soon, but first I'm taking a two week trip to Spain! Bella is coming with me (because I have a small fear she would come alive and murder me if I didn't...), but I'm leaving the rest of my dolls at home so I can concentrate on enjoying and unplugging a bit before I have to dive back in to responsibilities.

I'll be gone April 12-April 26, and when I get back I'll be concentrating my sewing efforts on Doll North stock. As I mentioned in my first DN update post, I'll be closing my shop for the entire month of May. Anything ordered before May 1st is available to be picked up at Doll North to save on shipping costs. ^^

When I come back after Doll North, I'll be posting anything that is left over for sale online. I'm not sure where yet, so if you have suggestions I'd love to hear. I hope to have some new designs available when I get back too so stay tuned! :)

I expect somewhat spotty internet while I'm in Spain, so don't anticipate perfectly fast answers to any emails.

Sorry for any inconveniences, but I hope that being done school will mean a lot more time to spend with my dolls and experiment with new designs. /soexcitedddd