Tuesday 13 December 2011

30 Days of BJDs - Day 12

What do your friends think of your dolls/dolls in general?

Mmm... most of my friends either don't know or just sort of ignore it as 'another weird thing' that I do.

My closest friends find them interesting and beautiful, but would likely never get one of their own. They put up with my constant doll talk and give me ideas and the like if I ask, but I try to limit how much I talk about my dolls to them so that it doesn't drive them insane.

A couple of my friends have purchased dolls for themselves (through me) because of Mali, one of them is currently hanging out at my house, and I'm not sure what happened with the other one. I doubt they'll ever go much further than just having the doll - which is fine, just very different to how I interact with mine.

I have one friend who is decently creeped out by them, but he seems to be getting better at dealing with them as long as they're not in pieces and are fully clothed.

Lastly, one of my other decently close friends is horribly repulsed by them. Unfortunately, this means she often makes fun of my dolls/dolls in general which can be a little hurtful....
She's okay with the realistic ones, but the ones that look like dolls freak her out a lot. I try not to talk about them or have them sitting out (or at the very least not in pieces or naked) when she's around, but she likes to bring them up... so it's a little confusing.

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