Tuesday 27 December 2011

30 Days of BJDs - Day 26

Done your own face-ups?

Minifee Shushu in-progress face-up

Yep... I've done a bunch on Mali and one on Tobi. I really liked Mali's last face-up, but I made a mistake with the gloss on her eyes... so it needed to go.. and her sleeping head was sitting around for a year without a finished face-up so I thought I would redo both to match each other... and Tobi's (including attempting to colour match her faceplate) at the same time and they all came out pretty horrid.

Jonas's face-up is scratched and somehow discoloured (not sure how that happened) and the artist who originally painted her doesn't take commissions anymore... so I may have to do hers soon as well, but I would really like to send her and Tobi off to get painted properly.... -.-

Face-ups - fun but stressful. Yay.

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