Thursday 15 December 2011

30 Days of BJDs - Day 14

Have you ever had a floating head?

Minifee Shushu - Sleeping head

What about a headless body?

Customhouse Little Junior body
Also yes.

What do you think you would do if you had either?

Minifee Shushu head on Customhouse Little Junior body
This probably. Though it would be funnier if I still had an SD head.

Silliness aside, I have had both. Not counting sleeping heads...
I got a Juri B head when I ordered Mali and finally sold it this year after letting it sit in a box for 3 years. Tobi was originally supposed to be on a LJ or Chibi Unoa body so I bought a Darea and an Icarus girl for my friend during one of the Customhouse 2-4-1 sales. My friend ended up not buying her from me so the Icarus and extra Darea head were also sold.
I kept the other LJ body, but when Tobi got here I realized there was no way she is ever going to use it now (too much A-line love). I use it for sewing but otherwise it lives in a box.

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