Thursday 9 June 2016

Backyard Photo Sessions

We finally moved in to our new house last week and I've been taking advantage of a nice photo spot in the backyard that works really well for Bella and Panaba. There's a patch of elfin thyme (which I might add to in the future ;) ) and a tree with moss and a nice bark texture. It's a huge tree so it's not really in scale, but still works. :)

Panaba got the first shot at it when I brought her with me to water plants. Investigating baby strawberries and the super tall tree. She's going to have a lot of fun here - just have to hope she doesn't meet the live raccoon that lives nearby!

Bella got some photos today too when starsarerobots came to visit. She looks really badass and it's a tad annoying. ;P She needs a new face-up soon but she's still rocking everything. I love how her hair was blowing in the wind here. One of the perks of alpaca wigs ~

I still don't have any photos of Bella and Panaba together outside, so I guess that's next! Overall I'm really happy with a lot of the photos from these shoots, so expect to see lots more until I find a new spot. ;) Need to upgrade my photo editing program because it's blurry on my new computer, so apologies if any of these are a tad out of focus. -.-;

This is my favourite photo from the whole set. It just fully encapsulates Bella as I see her - intense, strong, and effortlessly gorgeous. Every time I see this photo it's just... yes.

Rheia is such a beautiful sculpt. I'm so glad I was able to bring her home. She is so expressive and can flip between pensive and serene and firey and vicious with a slight change in angle. Bella specifically is always intense. I hope to continue developing and sharing her character with you all as we continue settling in. <3


  1. Huge congrats on moving in! Your Bella is a beauty:) I agree; the Rheia sculpt is so versatile. She can be badass, innocent, melancholy and everything in between(I'm very happy to have chosen her for Ember). And I can't get over how utterly adorable and expressive Panaba is. So inquisitive and cute exploring the tree and strawberries <3
    Hugs, Gunn-Solveig:)

    1. Thank you so much! I hope Bella and Panaba can have some adventures together soon. :) Will have to keep looking for more places for them to explore.

      Hope you're doing well! <3