Thursday 23 June 2016

10 Facts: Me (because why not?)

So I randomly decided to so one of these for myself... because... I don't know why. But here we go anyway!

Name: Melissa
Age: mid-20s
Birthday: January 11th
Favourite Colour: Green (generally more yellow/brown toned shades)
Myers-Briggs Type: INFP - Turbulent

1. I am 5' 1" (or 155 cm).
2. I can (usually) understand conversational French and Spanish but can't speak or write either.
3. I have a small tattoo on my knee from where I accidentally stabbed myself with a pencil.
4. The smell of wet peanut butter makes me sick to my stomach.

5. I am lactose intolerant.

6. I have central heterochromia (the most boring kind, but still) - the outside of my irises are blue and the insides are yellow.

7. I went to school for business and sociocultural anthropology.
8. I am really afraid of moths and grasshoppers.

9. Crowds and interacting with strangers make me really uncomfortable. My ideal living-space would be somewhere like York, UK or similar, where there are people and lots of interesting shops and things all within walking distance, but you're not expected to actually interact with the people... just sort of... be around them.
10. Cold rain and wet shoes/socks are things 100% guaranteed to put me in a bad mood. The weather affects my mood and motivation a lot, but wet shoes, just... ugh.

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