Thursday 24 March 2016

10 Facts: Tobi

Tobi's turn! Not sure if this photo quite captures her bubbliness, but it certainly captures her colourfulness!

Full Name: Tobermory Rhianna Jaxon [Lastname]
Age: 18-19
Birthday: June 21st
Favourite Colour: Lemony Yellow
Myers-Briggs Type: ENFP - Turbulent

1. Tobi comes from a big, artsy family. She has 2 older sisters and 3 younger sisters.
2. She is a terrible chef and baker (seriously, it's a talent), but is very good at making food look pretty.
3. Her bedroom is an absolute disaster zone.
4. She's not a very good swimmer and uses a floaty when she's in the water.
5. She doesn't really like chocolate.
6. She has a mild(-ish) fear of dogs, especially big ones.
7. She is allergic to shellfish (which is completely fine with her - she thinks they're icky anyway).

8. It often confuses people who know her how focused and organized she is when it comes to painting because she is excessively scatterbrained in every other regard.
9. Tobi is almost entirely ambidextrous.
10. She tends to be very oblivious to the feelings of others and doesn't always realize when she has hurt them.


  1. "3. Her bedroom is an absolute disaster zone."

    I feel like Tobi and Raspberry have this in common. XD

    1. Haha, they are bffs for many reasons. ;)