Monday 17 February 2014

New Items + Sale!

Everything has been pretty hectic around here the last little while, but I've put up a new item in the shop: MiniFee Halter Tank Tops!

To celebrate, I've put everything on sale for 15% off until February 24th! :)
(Coupon code is Iheartbears [because it's true :| ])

I used to make this top on commission, but I was never quite happy with the end results, so I've revamped the pattern and now it's available again (it's summer in Australia :p). ^^

This fabric works so well. ^3^

They're going to be made-to-order for now as I'm trying to build up stock for Anime North in May, so I'm keeping my prototypes until that is over.

The fabric pages have been updated with the stuff I got in NYC (well, some of it :p), so all of those are available to be picked and I have a few more prototypes I'm just finishing up as well to show different possibilities. :) There is a photo on my Flickr showing a top done in the same fabric, but with different top-stitching to show the different effects that can have.


I hope everyone is having a good week!

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