Sunday 6 October 2013

Zoo De-Stress

As I hinted at last post, I've been having a lot of trouble keeping up with school work this term, so yesterday, I went to the zoo with a few friends. I haven't been in a number of years, so it was really nice. It was threatening to rain as well (but it didn't - win!), so there weren't very many people there either, which was amazing since I'm not a fan of crowds. :)

It may seem a bit non-sensical to take a day off school work when there's so much to do, but I think it helped more to let me get over the 'HOLYCRAPSOMUCHTODOI'MGOINGTOEXPLODE @w@' feelings I've been having and come back refreshed and ready to work. There's still a tonne to do, but it doesn't seem as insurmountable now as it did on Friday. Odd how that works.


Here are some of the photos I took. I think I got about 250 this time?

Soft-Shelled Turtles - Toronto Zoo, Ontario, Canada

These are soft-shell turtles. I really like their noses. For some reason, while we were watching them, the big one kept smacking the smaller one every time it swam by. :/ Meanie.


There are two Giant Pandas visiting right now, Da Mao (male ~5 years old) and Er Shun (female ~6 years old). Er Shun was 'sleeping' when we went - by which I mean rolling around and putting her paws over her eyes, but Da Mao was munching on bamboo. I got a few photos of him, but most have a bunch of bamboo in front of his face. :P

Da Mao, Giant Panda - Toronto Zoo, Ontario, Canada

We didn't get to see two of my favourite animals - the Snow Leopards and the Red Pandas because they're completely redoing that area. Hopefully next time I go there will be some positive changes and I'll get to see my fuzzy buddies again.

Since I couldn't get photos of those animals, here's an Emerald Tree Boa chilling out on a branch. He's pretty cool too.

Emerald Tree Boa - Toronto Zoo, Ontario, Canada

I probably could have stayed and taken snake photos all day, but since they don't move especially much, they weren't very interesting to my companions. Oh well.

Now to get back to readings and papers. Too bad I can't be a Polar Bear instead.

Polar Bear - Toronto Zoo, Ontario, Canada

There are a few more photos on my Flickr, along with these here. I'm still having trouble deciding what I should post where, so for now, there will be some overlap.

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