Saturday 17 August 2013

Totally NOT freaking out. O_o

So I've been putting off getting a tan MiniFee since the colour didn't seem quite what I was looking for and I'm a big chicken*. I'd given myself the decision date of August 16th and by the 15th I'd basically decided I wasn't going to get one. All the photos I'd seen of the legit tan were disappointing and all the recasts I kept seeing in the perfect colour made me very disheartened.

But last night I was talking to my boyfriend about it and stumbled on to this photo of a lovely M-Line Mirwen and it made me reconsider. We looked through as many other tan photos as I could find. Most of the time the colour comes out looking grey-ish and unappealing, but there are a number where it looks lively and beautiful.


I took the plunge late last night and ordered a tan MiniFee Rheia plus some extra hands and feet. I also included a set of hands for Tobi, because the #8 hands are her life, and the heel feet for Mali, because heels. I'll need to get some fancy shoes for her. :)

I also got the MNF Juri head. I was considering the LittleFee head because I think it's cuter, but the MNF one seemed easier for me to deal with.

Now just to wait. It doesn't really seem like it happened yet. More like I dreamed it.

My face right now. O_o

I was still a little nervous about it (been flipflopping between excitement and dread since they first announced the tan), but Andreja posted a few photos this morning of her freshly face-uped tan Chloe (here and here) and she looks just perfect. Still darker than I wanted, but workable. The tan looks great against grey and cool tones, it seems to bring out the reds and yellows. Slightly unfortunate because my Rheia was supposed to be dressing in reds and oranges... so we'll see. I already have to tweak her backstory to fit the resin colour, what's a little more tweaking? :P They always have a mind of their own once you get them home anyway.

Hope to see everyone elses' tan dolls as they come home! :)

*I've never entirely understood the use of the word chicken to mean cowardly. All the chickens I've ever known have been very aggressive, or assertive at the very least. :/

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