Wednesday 5 June 2013

Definitely have some thinking to do.

As some of you may know, the last doll in my little cast of characters is supposed to me a MNF Rheia in tan. Now, I was planning to have her eyes modded and dye her to accomplish this, but, Fairyland has released MNF in very lovely tan until August 31.

I would still want to get her eyes modded, which would leave me in the position of finding someone else buying a tan Rheia and not wanting the sleeping head... and also somewhat out of a bit of money XD.

It would be a non-issue if I could fully trust FL to bring the colour back as a basic thing in the future, but past releases are not a good indication - especially when it's something they seem to be testing out initial sales are critical to their later decisions... :/

There are a few months to think about it thankfully, but it kind of destroyed my half-baked plan of getting an SD off the marketplace. :P

Curse you Fairyland. <3


EDIT: TeaPartyRevolution has graciously allowed me to borrow one of her photos showing both the tans already released by Fairyland.

Fairyland Resin Tones - (c) TeaPartyRevolution
Fairyland: White - Normal - Chicline Tan - Choco Tan

As I thought, the lighter tan would be perfect for what I want. However, I asked Fairyland and the new MNF tan is somewhere in between the light tan and the darker one pictured... So might be alright, might be too dark.

I'm also back to flip-flopping between Rheia and Mirwen so more decisions. ^^; We'll see...

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