Sunday 23 December 2012

Well that was fun

Classes have finally ended and we've packed up the apartment and arrived back in Canada.

I'm a bit sad to have left Ireland, but at the same time happy to be back home in Canada. We're visiting Vancouver for Christmas and then heading back to Ontario for New Years. I'm really looking forward to getting back to a stable routine once we get back to Ontario.

Unfortunately, I still have two papers to finish off for one of my classes before then so I can't fully enjoy being back in Canada yet... but my notes for both papers were in our checked bags... and our checked bags got lost (just delivered today), so I'm a bit behind on finishing them quickly.


There were a lot of families whose bags were also lost on the same flight, so I'm hoping ours were on the later end of the scale and they got theirs in a timely fashion.

Trinity College Dublin

Bye bye Dublin, we have our differences, but I'll miss you. <3

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